Kalolaini FBM Tukana-Tuiseke

Bachelor of Science Biology Chemistry – University of the South Pacific, Post Graduate Diploma Biology – USP, 2 years experience in Bio-Chem Lab, 7 years experience in Financial Administration.

Susulu Tabaleka

Foundation Social Science. More than 10 years working experience in various industry, especially in the media and marketing Proficient English to Fijian translator.

Davina Jioji-Tukana

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management. Managing Families Businesses. Manager Clean Source.

Jordan Tuituku

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Land Management. Working in real estate industry as a salesperson and building own company and businesses.

Fredrick Kado

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (USP). 3 Years as Software Developer.

Kalei Seniloli

Recent graduate of USP with the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

Penioni Narube

BSc Computer Science & Information Systems (USP). Tripple Gold Medalist in Science, Mathematics & Computer Science. 11 Years experience in Software Development. Currently General Manager Software Development at Software Factory Limited.

Elizabeth Volavola

Bachelor of Commerce (Single Major in Accounting), Bachelor of Law and a Professional Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of the South Pacific.

Eva Waqainabete

Eva is an experienced Physiotherapist and is based in Australia.